Get the latest documents, software and firmware updates for your LuQY Pro.

LuQY-Control Update

Download here the latest update of the LuQY-Control software. The update is only applicable on already existing LuQY-Control installations. If you need a stand-alone installer for the software, please contact us directly.

  • Unpack the compressed file on the measurement computer with the LuQY-Control software installed
  • Run the installer.exe
  • Always click next on the installer (do not change the file path of the installation)
  • Your software is now updated

For more information about the new functionalitites, check out the update notes.

Donwload LuQY-Control Update v.1.7.1

LuQY Pro Operating Manual

Download here the latest version of the LuQY Pro manual in English. For other languages, please contact us directly.

Donwload LuQY Pro Manual

QYB Firmware Updater

The QYB Firmware Updater allows you to update the firmware of your LuQY Pro system. Install this software on your QYB measurement computer. To flash a new firmware to your device, follow these three steps:

  • Turn on the LuQY Pro system and connect it to the measurement computer.
  • Start the Firmware Updater software.
  • Select the new firmware hex-file and click the flash button (the two play buttons should be orange as shown right. This means that the software automatically selects the correct COM ports for firmware upload).
Donwload QYB Firmware Updater