LuQY Pro

The Absolute Luminescence Quantum Yield System

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Two hands holding a device with absolut quantum yield system

The LuQY Pro Instrument

The LuQY Pro is the most versatile, powerful and easy-to-use absolute luminescence analysis system on the market. It’s innovative and highly integrated concept allows absolute photo- and electroluminescence measurements out of the (shoe)box. The system thereby has a unique focus on opto-electronic device optimization (LEDs, solar cells, …) and can precisely simulate various operating points.

System & Layout

Integrated Analysis

Our mission is making absolute luminescence analysis easily accessible for everyone. The LuQY Pro includes a software which not only lets you control the instrument and records your sample’s emission spectra but it immediately calculates the luminescence quantum yield (LuQY) and even the implied VOC of your sample. This integrated in-depth data analysis is completely unique on the market and unleashes the full potential of the LuQY Pro.

Software & Applications
Image of an interface with a graph displaying calculation of EL / PLQY

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